Packing Light

Happy Sunday!

Since this blog will be primarily about travel, I want to spend some time discussing travel essentials, both my own suggestions and yours! With all of the weekend trips that we take, my number one travel essential has become this Vera Bradley Weekender bag.

Vera Bradley Weekender
Vera Bradley Weekender Travel Bag – Mine in is Marrakesh pattern, but there are a lot more patterns available!

Not only is it beyond comfortable to carry, it’s big enough to successfully pack four or five days of outfits, shoes included! Considering it is carry on size, has lots of roomy pockets, and has a beautiful pattern that makes toting around luggage more fun, this is my go to bag when I want to travel light (which, honestly, is pretty much always.)

This is on my mind today because yesterday I took Paul to the airport for a trip to his home town, and we started to get excited for the next big trip we have coming up. At the end of this month, we’re taking a vacation and traveling to Denver! My hours of scanning Frontier Airlines flight deals out of Washington paid off, and we got a great deal on non-stop tickets. This will be my first trip to Colorado and a much anticipated week of hiking and mountain views, and I am super excited. With that trip just around the corner, my mind is preoccupied with planning and packing!

Like I said, this is my first trip to the Denver area, so if anyone has any tips on what to bring, places to visit and where to eat, I’d love to hear them!

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